Minted Mocha Body Love Scrub

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Buff Buff away dry and dull skin and welcome in moisturized and revitalized skin with our limited edition Brown Sugar Body Love Scrub. Created to simultaneously help you shed old skin while tending to the new skin, this body scrub is a must-have in your bath and/or shower routine. Its exfoliating base: organic brown sugar and raw sugar cane are miraculous gentle abrasives that unclog pores while its moisturizing base: shea butter, avocado, neem, jojoba, and coconut oil are notable skin moisturizers and healers.

Minted Mocha Body Love Scrub features peppermint leaves that gently abrase the skin while relaxing it and leaving it with a smooth velvet skin finish.

Key Ingredients:

Organic Brown Sugar

Non GMO Granulated Sugar

Shea Butter

Neem Oil

Jojoba Oil

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Additional Ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Peppermint Leaf and Oil, Love, Magic, and Passion.

4 oz